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TDEY63BS4UThis fix stops excessive CPU usage by LEI as a Domino Addin on Linux systems.
DGIN6K5RY3If the Days of the Month in the schedule is set to -1 (last day of the month) and the schedule is enabled, the CSM (Control Store Manager) will hang...
MJON6LYPL4Error reported at server startup when LEI opens decsadm.nsf. This is caused by the LEI request to open the database with DBOPEN_FIXUP, which...
MJON6LYPL4Error reported at server startup when LEI opens decsadm.nsf. This is caused by the LEI request to open the database with DBOPEN_FIXUP, which...
SMOS6L5TC3The LotusScript used in leiadm.ntf for Oracle metadata browsing was inefficient, resulting in long delays when the Oracle server would have many...
DGIN6MXQDEThe default value for a DECIMAL type in DB2 was causing an error. The default for a DECIMAL is a ' ' (space) and should be 0. This problem has been...
SMOS6M4SWGThe Notes.ini variable "EIUseOSMemory=1" is now set by the LEI installer.
PALT6JTVSDOracle data type ROWID was not supported in Oracle 8 connector, but was supported in Oracle 7 connector. Support for the Oracle 8 connector has been...
DWHL6MNVKWReplication activity would setup for write back on a table/view even if all the Skip's were enabled for that connection. This caused an error if the...
CYAO6L8THYInstaller updates to enable install for new LEI release.
CYAO6QRRJFUpdated the install message box with additional text. "**Note: Specify a password between six and eight characters long for the password() and...
CYAO6QQNCPUninstaller hangs when a higher release of Domino is installed on the system. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
CYAO6NTQEVThe LEIACT task that is run when executing backup or purge activities was initialized without being properly terminated. This makes it appear to...
JGIR6MW34UFixed a crash that occasionally occurred during DECS shutdown when using an ODBC connector.
JDEP6PHQ3MVarious semaphore fixes for Realtime that can occur only after an error has occurred.
JDEP6PHQ6YFixed several errors dealing with support threads for Virtual Docs. Threads now post when they are exiting due to error. Fix Delete thread errors...
JDEP6PHNHSUpdate syncronization in Virtual Document activities can fail on Oracle. This problem has been fixed.
JDEP6PHMXQJoin metaconnector (and activities using it) would not reconnect after a loss of connection. This has been fixed so that connections can correctly...
SSHE6L4P6CRealtime multi-value fields could lose data upon an open event. With this fix, fetch data will not be blocked.
THAN6NJP8QAdded support for the Lotus Connector for ODBC DB2 ODBC driver.
THAN6FQL5CThe uninstaller logic incorrectly determined a failover cluster to be an old style LEI cluster. With this fix, additional flag checking will be...
SMOS6LDNCTOracle is returning 8 bytes of data for dates, instead of the expected 7. This caused heap memory corruption. This can cause random crashes in...
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